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320 E 46th St
Garden City, ID 83714

About the Family

Naim Aziz and Nargiz Abdul Azim immigrated to the United States in 2010.  Before making Boise their permanent home, Naim and Nargiz lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and Ukraine.  They had to leave Afghanistan when the war started and destroyed their home.  Naim and Nargiz described Afghanistan as a dangerous and scary place during this time. They had to move several times in the face of racism and lack of access to education for their children before finally settling in Boise.   

Naim and Nargiz have been married for 24 years and are the proud parents of five children.  Naim recently became a U.S. citizen.  Samim, their oldest son, is 22 years old and is working as a technician for a CAT company.  Yalda, their oldest daughter, is studying IT Management at Boise State University.  She also has an internship with the Boise School District in the IT Department.  She will graduate next fall.  Vida, their middle daughter, is a junior at BSU studying biology.  She is currently studying abroad in South Korea.  Their youngest daughter, Marhaba, is a senior at Boise High School, while their youngest son, Nadim, is a 6th grader at Whittier Elementary School.  Marhaba will attend BSU next year.  Nargiz said that she wants her children to do “Something good for the U.S. government to give back” for giving them the opportunity to move to Boise.

Yalda described being accepted into the Habitat program as the “Biggest dream come true for their family.”  They will no longer have to worry about noise levels in their rooms and having enough space to host their friends and family for social gatherings.  Naim said that the house will mean “Happiness for our family.”