The Process

The application process begins with mandatory attendance at an Application Meeting.  We do not have a meeting scheduled at this time.  Application Meetings are held on an as-needed basis, typically once every 12-18 months. Between meetings those who are interested in the program may contact the Habitat office by phone or email and provide their contact information - name, address, phone, email.  When an Application Meeting has been scheduled those on the list will be notified by mail.

Attend an Application Meeting   At the meeting we will explain the program requirements, describe the type of homes we build, talk about how the application process works and answer questions.  Applicants will then have an opportunity to complete their applications with Family Selection Committee members standing by to offer assistance if needed. Each application will be reviewed by a Family Selection Committee member to determine that it is complete. If it is found to be incomplete a checklist will be provided indicating the missing documents/information. The applicant will need to return the completed application by the date specified in order to continue in the process.

Family Selection Committee Evaluates Applications  The committee will evaluate all complete applications to determine whether requirements have been met and a credit check will be performed on each. If these areas are found to be unsatisfactory the applicant will be sent a letter stating the reason that their application has been denied. All denied applicants are welcome to re-apply at a future Application Meeting.

Home Visit  Applicants will be visited in their home by two teams of two Family Selection Committee members to determine willingness to partner, assess housing need, and verify residency.

Notification  Next the committee will meet to determine what recommendations they will make to the Habitat Board of Trustees. The board makes the final decision and applicants will be sent a letter stating either that they have been approved for the Habitat program or stating the reason that their application has been denied.

Our program is not a quick housing solution.  It takes a minimum of 18 months, typically longer, from the time of application before a family can move into their Habitat home.