Refurbished Home Has A New Owner

Asnaka Gulma and her daughter Maya recently accepted our offer to move into the cute and cozy townhouse that Habitat recently purchased back. Their smiles and excitement were infectious as we brought them the official letter to offer the home. Their home will be ready before their partner hours are complete, but they are motivated and so are their family partners!

Asnaku was born and raised in Ethiopia, a country located in the Horn of Africa. She moved to Lebanon with her family for 13 years, this is where Maya was born. They came to the United States almost four years ago.

Maya is going into the 5th grade and loves math, science and language in school. She also loves to play soccer and basketball, go swimming, and to read adventure books. Maya says her mom likes to clean a lot and cook. They often bake together, swim together and play math card games.

Asnaku works full time in a chocolate factory, and has also been putting in a lot of hours at ReStore on her days off. She attributes her selection for the home to God, and looks forward to starting a new life, and having a garden.

Maya’s eyes lit up when we told her she could paint her new room any color she wants. ‘I choose blue!’ And she has already begun asking her mom for a dog, so we’ll see!