Family Partnering

By Helen Shepherd

I have been a Habitat for Humanity volunteer since 2003. Shortly after I began volunteering in the office, I received a request from the Executive Director Ken Nichols, to join the Family Support committee.

Since I became part of the committee I have joined wonderful families in their journey from rental to homeownership as they complete a big dream for their families. The path has great moments along the way that build new friendships.

I strongly encourage volunteering with Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity helping families gain homeownership status. It is a great experience and it has given me such joy meeting parents, the children and extended families of the homebuyers. Most of the families that I have partnered with have included me in their family milestone events such as citizenship, birthdays and baptisms. I feel enriched by these experiences and invite others to share in their own chapters of family partnering.

Not only do I enjoy helping the families work their way through requirements from Sweat Equity to English classes, I have gained wonderful friendships within the Affiliate in Boise with employees and other volunteers. I find great deals at both ReStore building materials stores as I work on my own home projects and I have recommended them to others that are working on their own projects.