ReStore Shopping with Tammy Torres

After 30 plus years of buying, selling, and thrift store shopping, my new mission has become re-purposing.  This adventure started 6 months ago when my life of luxuries and jobs came to an end and I moved back into a 3-bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 1973 house my mom took over after taking care of my grandmother, who passed in 1990.  (Shaking my head.)  My mom is also getting up in age so I had to think of how to make her "Golden Years" easier for her to get around the house with more space, but be efficient.

My first project was our front bathroom with old linoleum yellow flooring, metal medicine cabinet, and long sink and counter with an ugly top.  Also the toilet and tub needed to be replaced.

We headed to Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Boise and we were in heaven!  Lots of great items to help my re-purpose project and my $100 budget.  We found a black 36" 3-drawer cabinet bathroom vanity for $35 with a marble sink, $400 new.  They also had dark tiles with rubber soles for $.50 each.  It took about 12 squares and with 6 adults, 4 dogs, and 1 Garfield cat, we needed carpet that is easily pulled up for quick clean up.  (Toilet and tub hunting in progress.)  We also bought tongue and groove black boards for the wall to make a nice frame around our mirror and cool pattern for the wall as baseboard is old and outdated.  With a little paint and decor we were in business of updating.

My mom also had a queen size waterbed in the room I was moving into ... do you remember those?  Guess what I did with it.  Yep, re-purposed all the parts into three projects.  One project was the mirror for the bathroom.

Next project update is my bedrroom...

Until then, happy hunting!