The Turf Company - Supporting Habitat Since Day One

The Turf Company was founded in 1979 with a vision of providing the highest quality turf grass products to landscapers and homeowners.  Since their early days as a small farm outside of Boise they have grown considerably, and now provide a greener life for people all over the Western United States. 

The Turf Company founder Darwin McKay, started out with a small amount of acreage and some used equipment.  He has since gone on to serve as president of the Turf Producers International, teach horticulture to students of Boise State University, and assist in the development and research of several types of new, revolutionary turf types. Many in the Boise area have heard Darwin on local radio talk shows, offering advice on how to properly care for a lawn.

The Turf Company is engaged in continuous improvement of their products and services.  Their turf crops are meticulously cared for and nurtured.  The Turf Company's customers can create a new lawn, assured in the fact that each roll of turf grass from The Turf Company is disease-and-weed-free.

Darwin's vision made The Turf Company a successful business.  His vision also helped Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity way back when the affiliate was new.  At that time he promised to provide sod for every Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity home.  Every single one!  And Darwin has made good on that promise.  Fifty-three Habitat yards beautifully sodded to date!  Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to Darwin McKay and The Turf Company for their amazing generosity.