Below is our gallery featuring Boise Valley Habitat families, volunteers, homes, activities, and our ReStore. We take pride in our affordable housing program and are happy to share our work with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thrivent Builds 6/29/2019
Wells Fargo 6/25/2019
Wells Fargo 6/20/2019
Wells Fargo 6/18/2019
Thrivent Builds 6/15/2019
Wells Fargo 6/11/2019
Thrivent Builds 6/6/2019
Wells Fargo 6/4/2019
Cathedral of the Rockies 6/1/2019
Building Contractors of SW Idaho 5/17/2018
PayneWest Insurance Volunteers 12/13/2018
Mountain Home Air Force Base Volunteers 12/8/2018
Bank of America Volunteers 10/2/2018
Wells Fargo Volunteers 9/26/2018
Mission 43 Volunteers 9/15/2018
Citi Volunteers 9/13/2018
Thrivent Volunteers 6/16/2018
Wells Fargo Volunteers 5/17/2018
Thrivent Faith Build 5/12/2018
Thrivent Volunteers 5/5/2018